AVBS, for all kinds of green & the colours in between

The Flanders’ federation of green industry


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› Mission 

  • To be a sustainable, solid and profitable federation of the Flanders’ floriculture
    and landscaping industry

› Vision 

  • To provide individual and united solutions
  • Multimedia communication
  • Optimize a high-performing floriculture platform
  • Concrete and profitable benefits for members 

›  Values

  • Specific competence
  • A wide field of action and a specific knowledge of the issues
  • High-quality service at the office in Ghent


About AVBS

AVBS, founded in 1972, is the professional federation for Flanders’ green industry:

  • growers and traders of ornamental plants and nursery stock
  • garden contractors and landscapers

Boerenbond - the  farmers' union is the biggest and most important Flemish professional association for agricultural entrepreneurs. AVBS is a section of this Farmers' Union, and the coordinating body of four sectorial departments which are:

  • the association of pot plant growers
  • the association of nursery stock growers
  • the association of cut flower growers
  • the association of garden contractors

Together they represent approx. 70% of all Belgian growers and traders of ornamental plants and nursery stock.

AVBS looks after the general policy with respect to the horticultural matters as a whole. Therefore it can rely upon its parent organization the Famers’ Union.
Furthermore it develops activities that focus on defending the social and financial interests of the members, it gives information and training and helps with the promotion of the members’ products.
Together with the Farmers’ Union, AVBS has a great amount of expertise in very different matters for the whole of the horticultural industry.


Great attention is to be paid to the national and regional (i.e. Flemish) development and laws. Our federation therefore has a voice in the most important governing bodies in Flanders.
Furthermore the last decades EU-guidelines have had a large impact on the internal legislations of all EU member states. Therefore AVBS - together with the Farmers' Union – find it important to be part of all sector related European lobby organizations such as COPA-COGEGA, ENA, AIPH, EFNA and the permanent group 'Flowers and Plants' of the European Union.


Information and training

AVBS can look back on a longstanding tradition and a lot of experience in information and training. In 1987 it co-founded the Research Centre for Ornamental Plant Growing (PCS) at Destelbergen. Our association supplies on a regular basis considerable financial and organizational input.

The monthly magazine ‘Sierteelt&Groenvoorziening’ is the most important link with the members. After all, it provides the Belgian plant growers and garden contractors with information concerning the latest regulations and techniques and the policy and activities of the federations’ working groups.



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